Penn State

I took Ashley to Penn State this weekend for a classic football weekend. We arrived late on Friday night and met some friends for a night cap.

We had an early morning on Saturday to accomodate tailgating and the noon start time. We made our way to a friend of a friend’s site for bacon and egg sandwichs next to the glow of an Airstream RV. After a brew or two to cut through the breakfast grease, we headed to

Penn State was playing Northwestern, so I had my hopes up for a victory and ensuing partying. I was shocked at what I saw. It was the high school football game with 100,000 college fans. This was not the Penn State I had watched in my first year at grad school. They continued the downward trend that started with my migration to Pennsylvania and the lost to Minnesota that I brought with me. It wasn’t just the loss that was disappointing, it was the lack of energy in Beaver Stadium. The only enthusiam I was part of was the free t-shirts the crowd and were asked to wear, all in an attempt to form a blue and white “S” in the stands. The final score ended up being 14-7.

With the goal of taking Ashley to a Penn State game accomplished, I set my sights on goal number two, D.P. Dough. D.P. Dough is a small chain of restaurants, usually at large universities, that specialize in calzones with almost every kind of filling. All the “zones” are about $5 and are excellent. They are thinner than most calzones so the dough does not overpower the filling.

While it was not the perfect Penn State football weekend, it was a glimpse of the glory of yesteryear. With the reports of the recruiting class for next, yesteryear just might be next year.