DC Dad

This previous weekend my father flew out for a couple days. He flew in Saturday morning into Reagan National Airport. Since we were already close, we spent the day on the National Mall. We spent some time in

The Library of Congress. It could have the most impressive interior I have seen in an American building. It is really quite a suprise what is inside when you look at it from the outside. It was a beautiful day, so most of our time was spent outside walking the mall. We did stop at the National WWII Memorial. It was my first time at the National Mall since it was built. It captures the grand scale of the conflict and the design reflects the period. Before leaving the area, we caught a movie at the IMAX theater in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The movie we saw was Space Station 3D. I saw this movie before at Kennedy Space Center, but this film loses nothing seeing it for a second time. The 3D aspects of the film gives you a feeling of the volume and depth of space that is just impossible on a regular movie screen of TV.

That night we took in a DC United game at RFK Stadium. It was a playoff game and DC United was facing the MetroStars. On the way into the stadium, my dad and Ashley picked up a couple large plastic horns. I don’t know if my dad was following the game, but those horns kept him occupied for the entired game. He was giving the kids sitting in front of us whiplash each time he blew his horn. DC United end up winning the game 2-0 on their way to the winning the 2004 MLS Cup

Sunday was a lazy day. We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Pancho Villa . That night Ashley and I had a hockey game. That was the first time my dad has seen me play in three years. I choked under the pressure and had a less that spectacular performance. After the game, we grabbed a bite to eat at Friday’s and my dad met some of my teammates.

I drove to work on Monday morning. My dad and I stopped in my office and then grabbed a little breakfast. Around ten I put him on the Metro to catch his flight. I was joking with him that I would have pin a note on him that said, “My name is Tom. I need to go to the airport.” and drop him off with the station manager. We decided against that and he made it to the airport without incident.