It’s been about a month since the last update. Thought I’d post some news before the holiday season. I was in Philadelphia the weekend before Thanksgiving. I went to see a Flyer’s game. The were playing the Bruins. It was a fun game, but not a good as the Boston/Vancouver game the week before. The week after Christmas I spent at a conference in Orlando called I/ITSEC. It is quite a large conference with over 15,000 people involved. It was an excellent learning experience and provided great exposure to the people in my line of work. Every night a exhibiting company threw some sort of after conference party. On Wednesday, there was one with single malt scotch whiskey and Haggis. The past few weeks have been slow. Just waiting for Christmas and my parents to visit. On the 27th, I will be in Puerto Rico for about 9 days. I’m going with a friend who is originally from there. I really excited. I especially want to see and swim in the bioluminescent bays. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Years!