Boston Trip!

I spent last weekend in Boston visiting my friend Andy Stark. I haven’t been to Boston since 1996. Nothing has changed, it is still a great city. We caught the Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canunks game on Saturday. Best NHL game I’ve seen to date. Boston ended up winning in OT with a minute left. The Bruins are a stacked team, but they play great together as a team. Joe Thornton was great to see play in person. He sees ice well and can shape the game. After the game, the Dropkick Murphys played the Fleet Center. Anyone with a ticket could stick around. I would say about a fourth of the crowd stuck around to see a great show and a few Bruins join in the festivities. The next morning we went to breakfast at a great little restaurant called Johnny’s Luncheonette in Cambridge, right by Harvard. I had “The Deli”. It was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and carmelized onions. I would recommend that everyone try it at Johnny’s or make it at home. Those are the highlights of my Boston trip. This weekend I’m off to Philly to see the Flyers vs. Bruins game. Expected an update from that.