When You Can't Bring Along Hotdish?

Recently returned from a trip to Minnesota, I was reminded of the epicurean tradition deeply embedded in the life of the northland. While Philadelphia maybe have cheesesteaks and Tastykake, Minnesota has hotdishes and the following gas station side dishes. I wanted to remind everyone of the two must-have homegrown snacks.

I’ve had a love affair with Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips for as long as I can remember. The concept is simply genius, pickle in a dry, crispy and portable snack form. I have tried other dill flavored chips and all have fallen short in both vinegar tang and dill bouguet. It still remains the only snack that I have ordered over the internet (see Bob’s Produce Ranch).

Another product available at Bob’s Produce Ranch are Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll. While all you unorginal candy eaters throw down Paydays, I turned my nose up to you and my mouth towards the near century old goodness of the Nut Roll. I pocketed 3 of these little darlings at the airport newsstand just before catching my plane.

Whether you live in Minnesota or you are visiting, enjoy one of the richest areas of the Minnesota cultural landscape.