Lancaster Tournament

More to come on hockey. Trying to gather some thoughts on the defeat.

Between games we did find time to contribute money to the local tourism economy. Lancaster County and Pennsylvania were a huge part of our nation’s railroading history. Just outside of Lancaster in Strasburg is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The museum is made up of an indoor yard with 5 tracks and an outdoor restoration yard. It houses examples of trains spanning America’s railroading history. My favorite was a fireless steam engine called the “Lake Hauto’s Fireless Cooker”. The engine had no means of generating its own steam. An external source of steam would be used to fill an tank in the engine to capacity. The engine would then run for a period of time (4-5 hours) off of the stored steam. It was called a cross between a locomotive and “thermos bottle”.

Sunday morning on our way out of town, we stopped at the Lancaster Brewing Company for lunch. It is located in a 120 year old warehouse in downtown Lancaster. The food is excellent. Ashley and I had of there Salmon Dill and White Chili soups followed by an Angus Burger and Stout Chicken sandwich. The soups were excellent with sandwiches being above average. The most unique beer is the Milk Stout, called that I think because of the lactose sugar used in the brewing process.

Even though the hockey side of the weekend was a disaster, the trip will be remembered fondly.